There are various types of braces. You will carry a certain type of braces according to your problem or problems. First of all, we have fixed and removable. The fixed brace is for those cases when you need constant correction of your teeth. This is the case when you have problems with your jaw or your teeth.

Braces-TypesThis is a situation where you would usually have to remove a pair of teeth to put your other teeth in order. For example, if your jaw is not big enough to accommodate all your teeth, you will have to remove a pair of teeth which are usually first premolars or other ones.

The pair which needs to be taken out is usually considered by your dentist.  Keep in mind that the surgery is not a big deal and you will be ready to eat fast.The main problem is when the teeth are taken out. Now, the idea is to put the brace in the correct position to spread the rest of the teeth on your jaw. These situations are not that common, and the only solution is to remove a pair of teeth to make room for the rest of them.

Other types of braces

BraceWe have removable types of braces, and these are for smaller problems. Usually, a tooth needs to be placed in its position. For this intervention, a normally removable brace is needed. It is usually worn during sleep, and the day, you could also wear it for a few hours.

Block braces

These braces are made as one brace. They are usually for correcting your jaw bite. You can feel as if you are holding a rock in your mouth. At first, it can be a problem, but later, you get used to it. They are not heavy, just cumbersome. There have been reports that their braces could damage your jaw joint. Of course, these situations are not that common, but there have been some cases.